Miniature Hereford Cattle

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The History of Miniature Herefords

The origin of Miniature Hereford Cattle has its roots in Herefordshire, England. The Miniature Hereford we know today are descendants of pure Hereford stock selectively bred since the 1970’s. With the trend at that time being “bigger is better”, one particular breeder went against the trend, selectively bred for temperament, hardiness, meat quality, and feed conversion.

Why Miniature Herefords? 


Miniature Herefords have a dedicated following in their breeders and admirers.  The reasons range from purely scientific to a simple "I just LIKE 'em!"  For the record, we'll provide a few reasons to become involved with Mini Herefords. Smaller size (less than 36” at shoulder) means less feed needed.  Miniature Herefords, weighing roughly half what the standard-size Herefords weigh, eat half as much as the standard size breed.


Smaller size means less mess.  Mini cattle do much less harm to the environment than their larger counterparts. 

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Smaller size means shorter muscle length.  While this theory is to-date unproven scientifically, there are many advocates of Miniature Hereford beef who believe the meat is more tender because of the shorter muscle length.  Also, because the animal's muscles need not be toned enough to carry 2,000 lbs around all day, they tend to be far more tender.  Consider the average Mini Hereford weighs in at 700 or 1,000 lbs, and you might say the meat is twice as tender! 


Smaller size means they're better for kids.  Calves are born ranging from 30 to 50 pounds.  Compare that to standard-size cattle today!  Children as young as 5 and 6 are capable of showing calves and steers! 


Smaller size means they're much more docile.  A standard-size cow knows full well she's got you out muscled.  While a Mini cow is still plenty strong, normally they just don't try to get away with nearly as much - except when it comes to finding the treats in your bucket! 

With their small size and easy temperament, they can be cute, cuddly and even be trained. Our mini’s, Curly, Lucy, Ethel, Maddie and little Molly, loved to be petted and scratched, and sometimes just like to entertain the horses.

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